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A Perfect American Accent In Just 4 Weeks, Minutes a Day 
American Accent Secrets has helped over 10,000 students achieve a near-native American accent faster than they ever thought possible!

  • ​Based on the latest science of speech training.
  • ​Made specifically for native Spanish-speakers. 
  • ​Proven in the most important English-language call centers in the world.
  • ​Incredibly fast, easy and fun.
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Speak English Like a Native.  It's Much Easier Than You Think. 
Dear Fellow Student of English, 

If you're trying, and failing, to perfect your American accent and pronunciation, or...

If you're frustrated that English-speakers can't easily understand you, and even seem to discriminate against you, or...

If your bad pronunciation prevents you from speaking English with confidence. or...

If you feel like your "foreign" accent is limiting your career and social life...

Don't worry!

My name is Rodrigo Galdamez, the founder of American Accent Secrets, and I am so happy you are here.  

Because if you're trying to learn to speak English confidently, this could be the most important web page you ever visited.

Why? Because with the right approach, it's amazingly easy to speak English with a near-native accent. (Even if your accent is terrible right now!)  

I know this because years ago, using the techniques I'm about to show you, I personally transformed my accent from incomprehensible to near-native.   As a result, I went from working in a taco stand to a full-English job (making 3x as much!).

More importantly, I've taught over 10,000 of my students these techniques.  After just a couple of weeks, they are amazed how natural their accent is.  After six weeks, it's hard to tell they're not Americans! 

Learning to speak English confidently CHANGED MY LIFE.   It got me the job I needed.  It gave me the confidence to travel.  And, it has let me help others.   

I know we can do the same for you...and faster than you ever thought possible! 

How do we do it?

Well, there are 3 secrets that let you master a natural American Accent in no time at all. 
American Accent Secret #1:  Changing your accent is WAY easier than you think.
Most people think an accent is something you develop over years--or decades--of practice.  We tend to think you need to live in the US for 10, 20, 30 years before we'll speak English with an American accent. 

But actually, an accent is just the way you move your mouth, tongue, lips and throat when you talk.  Nothing more, nothing less.  

"I spent years speaking English.  I didn't think my accent would ever get better. 

Then, I started American Accent Secrets.  I can't believe how fast my accent improved once I learned how to actually move my mouth.  It was so much simpler than I thought! "

Leticia Molina, San Salvador. 
Move your mouth like an American, sound like an American.

Let me give you the simplest example.   Say the word "rojo".  What does your tongue do when you pronounce the "r"?  

It touches the top of your mouth, right?  

Of course, that's how us Spanish speakers learned to make the "r" sound.  English-speakers learn to make the "r" sound by pursing their lips and pulling their tongue back.  

So, if speaking English, your tongue touches the top of your mouth when you say "red", "Robert" or "forever", you'll have a Spanish accent!  (You'll sound very foreign, and it will be hard for Americans to understand you.)  

On the other hand, if you move your lips and tongue just like a Gringo when you say "red" ... you'll sound just like a Gringo!  

Now, that's just one sound.  But if you perfected each sound, your accent would be perfect.  (No need to move to the US and find an American husband/wife!)  

So, how can you perfect these sounds?  That leads us to Secret #2.  
American Accent Secret #2: You can learn to move your mouth just like an American...with just a tiny bit of practice
Most people think learning to move your mouth like an American requires hours hard practice. They spend hours singing songs on YouTube.  Or, watching movies.  Or, repeating the same sentence hundreds of times. 

Unfortunately, none of this "hard work" really works.  

(I personally spent hundreds of hours repeating lines from my favorite American movies.  The result?  I was fired from my first English-speaking job in just two weeks.)

However, with just the right exercises, you can perfect sounds in just a few minutes a day!  

But, don't take it from me!  Just try it yourself.  See how quickly you can dominate the "th" sound--one of the hardest sounds for Spanish speakers--with this sample exercise:
Pretty amazing, right?  I bet you're TH is already pretty darn good! 

We worked with some of the best speech experts in the world to develop these exercises. They work like crazy in our English training centers.  And, they'll work for you if you do them.   

Ok, so far, we've established that:
(1) If you move your mouth like an American, you'll have an American accent.  
(2) You can easily learn to move your mouth just like an American  with the right exercises.  

But, how much work do you need to do to change your pronunciation of the entire English language?  Way less than you think.   That's Secret #3...  

American Accent Secret #3: Spanish speakers only need to perfect 22 problematic sounds!
Now, here's perhaps the MOST AMAZING thing that we discovered in our speach research.  

When we first started teaching pronunciation, we taught pronunciation word by word.  The problem is, you probably use 3000-6000 words in English!  That's way too many words to practice!  

Then, working with a speech therapist, we realized we could teach our students the individual sounds: the "r", the "th", etc.  

That made it much easier.  But, it still took way too long for our students to learn.  

So, with our speech experts, we dove even deeper.  We listened to our most basic students speaking English again and again.  We listed their mistakes.   

And, then it hit us:

For Spanish-speakers, ALMOST ALL of the pronunciation mistakes were from just 22 common sounds.    

That's right!  Once we corrected their mistakes on those 22 common sounds, they sounded almost native!  (Those 22 sounds repeat themselves in 1000s of words.) 

"For years, I practiced pronouncing hundreds of words, reciting movie lines and singing.  My accent was still horrible.  

And then, with Rodrigo and American Accent Secrets I focused just on the most important sounds.  I couldn't believe how fast my accent improved.  Within a couple of weeks my accent was already way better.  I've gotten promoted at work, and now speak English full time."

Mike Romero, San Salvador. 
So, my friend, if there's one thing I want you to take away from this, it is this: 
You don't have to have bad pronunciation!  
Thousands of our students have learned to speak English with a natural American accent incredibly quickly, thanks to 3 secrets we just learned:
  • An accent is surprisingly easy to change.  Just move your mouth like an American...and you'll speak like an American. 
  • Simple exercises can train your mouth, really quickly and easily. 
  • To achieve a near-native accent, you only need to master 22 different sounds. 
Presenting American Accent Secrets.  The World's Fastest, Most Advanced American Accent Training.  
So, here's the deal.

We spent years using these secrets to perfect the accents of our students in our English Training Centers.

And, they worked like crazy…even for people who had started with ZERO English just months before.

When our students applied to jobs at English-language call centers, the recruiters would frequently ask how long they had lived in the US. They'd never been to the US!

For years, this training was not available outside our Training Centers in Central America.

But, now, we've FINALLY decided we had to get these secrets out to more people…

…so they too could speak English with complete confidence, get the jobs they dreamed about, and even travel the world.

So, we've created American Accent Secrets, an online training program, so you too can speak English like a native, quickly and easily.

Although the videos are quick and fun…you'll be learning a TON.  In fact, without even realizing it, you'll learn:
  • The 22 "problematic" sounds
  • Vowel shaping, 
  • Consonant, syllable and word stress, 
  • Hidden and disappearing sounds, 
  • Word linking, 
  • Phrase reductions, and 
  • Rhythm and intonation
But, don't let those fancy words scare you! This is the easiest language course you'll ever take. 

You'll just be going through the short, fun videos, practicing the movements...and your accent will be improving naturally.   

You'll surely agree that this is...
The Best American Accent Training For Spanish-Speakers in the World
  • Made especially for Spanish-speakers, so each lesson is just for you. 
  • Proven in the most important English-language call centers in the world (where a perfect accent is the difference between a happy customer and a very angry customer.)  
  • Over 10,000 success stories (many of whom were impossible to understand before the course...and near-native afterwards!)  
  • Quick and easy you can work whenever you have a minute: eating breakfast, break at work, before bed. 
  • Made for busy people...with lessons you can do anywhere! 
  • Simple exercises can train your mouth, really quickly and easily. 
  • Let's you achieve a near-native accent in 4 weeks, just minutes a day.  (Imagine never wondering if people will understand you...and even the surprise and envy when you tell people you weren't born in the US!) 
What do our Students Say?
"Once I got the techniques and applied them, my accent improved incredibly fast....I got a job in full English!"

- Maria 
"It was very easy for me to master the accent!"
What would a near-native accent mean for you?
Imagine just for a second...
  • Speaking English with complete confidence...never wondering if they'll understand you.
  • Quickly winning the trust of native speakers, and making friends and business connections.  
  • Travelling the world, speaking English with confidence with people from dozens of different countries.
  • The look on your friends' faces when they hear you speak English with a flawless accent the first time!   
  • A better job, a bigger paycheck, and quick professional growth.  
All this is possible and more.  I know because I experienced it.  

When I finally corrected my accent, I quickly got the full-English job I dreamed about (making 3x what I was making waiting tables!)  

Soon, I was in charge of improving everyone's English in the department...and eventually I had launched my own business teaching other people English, and helping them perfect their pronunciation.

A natural accent is the MOST important thing to speak English with confidence.  It is the most important thing to gaining the trust of English-speakers.  

And, with American Accent Secrets, you can perfect your accent incredibly fast.  

But, I want to give you a shove in the right, during our Autumn Sale, I've decided to include a VERY POWERFUL bonus for free... 

Online Only FREE Bonus (a $99 value): 
"The 800 most common idioms in English"
Aside from your accent, the most important things you can do to speak English naturally is to learn informal phrases.  

Americans LOVE using informal idioms...whether casually or in business.  And, if you don't understand them, you will be wondering what everyone is saying.  

On the other hand, using an idiom like "slower than molasses in January" will show native speakers how well you speak English ... and maybe even "break the ice".  

That's why we created this guide to help you dominate American idioms.  
  • Dominate common business phrases, like "get that over the goal line" and "from 30,000 feet".  
  • Understand jokes and stories in social conversations.  (You'll never be wondering why everyone else is laughing!) 
  • Show native speakers (and employers!) that you really understand the langauge. (They'll naturally open
Normally $99.99, but FREE with American Accent Secrets (when purchased online during our Autumn Sale.)

A Near-Native Accent in 4 weeks, Minutes a Day.
American Accent Secrets.

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  • 22 Video Trainings:  You will learn the 22 most important sounds, plus vowel shaping, consonant, syllable and word stress, hidden and disappearing sounds, word linking, phrase reductions, rhythm and intonation, quickly and easily.
  • ONLINE FREE BONUS #1: Speak like a Native with "The 800 Most Common Idioms in English" (Regular Value: $97) 
  • ONLINE FREE BONUS #2: Digital Voice Training Manual (Regular Value: $49.99)
  • A near-native American accent in 4 weeks, minutes a day! 
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 
Lifetime Access $297  $197 
7-Day Trial.  You pay nothing today, and have 7 days to try the entire course, with no obligation.  You can easily cancel by emailing or calling us.  If you don't cancel, we will bill you 3 monthly payments of $47.99.  
Questions?  Please contact us at (858) 900-3363 (Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time) or at   

30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Try American Accent Secrets for 30 days.  That's plenty of time to see a DRAMATIC improvement in your accent.  

If, after 30 days, you haven't dramatically improved your accent, or if you think the program is not for you for any reason, just contact us for a complete refund.  We'll even let you keep the training.  

I can't wait to hear you speak. 

To Your English Success,
Rodrigo Galdamez,
Founder, American Accent Secrets

PS.  Remember that your accent is the most important thing in English.  It is the first thing English-speakers notice! 

And with American Accent Secrets, you can perfect your accent incredibly quickly.    So, don't hesitate to join the 10,000 students who've already transformed their accent!   I can't wait for you to be speaking with confidence, getting the job you deserve, and feeling GREAT about your English. 

PPS.  With our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose...but everything to gain.   Worst case, you decide it's not for you and get your money back.  Best case, you are amazing your friends with your perfect English accent in just a couple of weeks!  

So, go ahead and sign up, before our Autumn Sale ends!  

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens after I buy?
You'll get an email with the login to access the complete course.  You'll take the lessons on your computer, on your phone, whatever is easier...and you will start improving really fast.  Soon, you'll be speaking English with complete confidence!

 If you have any issues at all, you can reach out to us at (858) 900-3363 or at  We'd love to talk to you.   
What if it doesn't work?
It does work.  100% honest to God, I'd still be making tacos if it didn't work.  And, hundreds of my students would still be waiting tables, fixing cars, or even cutting coffee instead of working highly paid English-language jobs.  

But, if for any reason, you are not satisfied, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and we'll give you a complete refund, right away.  
How quickly will my accent improve?
Very quickly!  Our research has proven that there are only 22 sounds that Spanish speakers need to correct.  As you saw in the demo video above, with our exercises you can fix each of these very quickly.  

Within two weeks, your accent will be noticeably better!  If you do the exercises, after four weeks, your accent will be near-native. 
What about grammar?
Your accent is more important than grammar!   Think about it.  How good is your grammar when you speak Spanish?  Probably not that great.  Similarly, most native English speakers don't speak English with perfect grammar, so they won't notice if you make a few grammar mistakes.  

BUT, if it is hard for them to understand you...that they do notice! 

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